Wednesday, July 8, 2009


    You've heard me say it: Una Pizza is the BEST pizza in the entire world. The NY Times is on board. Una Pizza made their top 5 list for The Best New Generation Pizzerias. As opposed to Motorino in Williamsburg, Una Pizza Napoletana "achieves utter transcendence."  (I love that!) No denying its the best, and not just the "new generation," but ALL generations. Try it, nothing can compete. 

From the NY Times article The Best New Generation Pizzerias: "UNA PIZZA NAPOLETANA 349 East 12th Street (First Avenue), East Village; (212) 477-9950.

Pros At their wondrous best, the four (and only four) types of classic Neapolitan pies here have more character than any others around town, in part because the dough, never refrigerated, goes through a long fermentation process.

Cons Open Thursday to Sunday nights only. Has nothing other than pizza and an extremely short beverage list. Cramped."

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Pate said...

I need cravings to pine for pizza, chocolate, ice cream and chips. The cravings usually come every 3-4 weeks, Phew!
I can ALWAYS eat Samosas, mango lassi, yoghurt and wasabi peas. Glad the first 2 is not always available...Phew!

adozeneggs said...

I'll have to bookmark this for our Labor Day weekend in the city. How do you like Lombardi's? That's where we usually go.

Morta Di Fame said...

Lombardi's is eh to me. Touristy. I also don't like Grimaldi's (under the Bklyn Bridge) because its such a tourist trap and feels like one and the services stinks. Once you have Una Pizza you can never go back.

adozeneggs said...

We actually tried to eat at Grimaldi's, but had had enough of Coney Island and just wanted to get the hell out of there.
We ate at Patsy's instead, which is near the apartment. It wasn't so great.
We love Otto and Balthazar in NYC, those are our favorites right now.
If you haven't been, you'd love the antipasti at Otto.
We're definitely going to try Una Pizza and Clinton St. Bakery. (we tried to get into Clinton St last Labor Day, but were shut out 15 min after opening!!)

adozeneggs said...

I mis-spoke, it wasn't Grimaldi's. Whatever one is near Coney Island, we didn't eat there.

Morta Di Fame said...

If you're by Coney Island, a must is L&Bs pizza. You order either a square or a round slice and they have outdoor seating. Super good regular slice. There is also Spumoni Gardens, which has more Italian food plus Italian Ices. Never ate there though because of the easy slices at my fingertips. Never tried Totonno's.