Monday, July 20, 2009


    Whenever I think of bone marrow the memory of a 3rd grade public school lunch tray filled with bitten down fried chicken bones and Andrew Chow cracking them open and sucking out the bone marrow comes to mind. Not a glorious image but after describing it to Yvonne, a fellow guest at a Choice Cuts "eat, drink and watch a movie" event, she raised an eyebrow and said, "he was a foodie even at such a young age." Thats one way of looking at it. I wonder what Andrew Chow is doing now.
   Choice Cuts is a monthly dinner and a movie event held in a sprawling Ft. Greene 4th floor walk up, the same location where the Hapa Kitchen Duck Dinner was hosted. Panting after climbing the four flights, I quenched my thirst with a complimentary Pimm's Cup cocktail and enjoyed a really simple appetizer of nice crisp cheddar with cucumber and radishes on a good slice of bread. I liked that one a lot.
   The bone marrow came out sooner than I was mentally prepared for, being a marrow virgin and all. Good thing there were some experts there to walk me through it. I thought it was going to be pre-scooped and maybe smeared on something, but we had to do the scooping. I think Winnie, host and chef, gave me the biggest piece, and I have to admit I was very intimidated. 
    Since Yvonne was so enthusiastic about the bone marrow, I took my photo and we swapped. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The mild flavor was not in any way offensive, and the texture, as described by other guests, was like "beef butter." We spread it on the white toast and salted it and it was very tasty and the perfect amount for a first timer.  It was served with such a delicious parsley salad. I really like eating herbs in full glory salad form. Put a vat of cilantro or basil in front of me and I am good to go.
   The next dish was literally a hunk of meat, a perfectly cooked roast beef, served with yorkshire pudding, a watercress salad and a cucumber salad. The beef was so delicious and juicy, although not easy to cut with our butter knives, and both salads were so wonderfully refreshing.
    This was my first time trying the yorkshire pudding, which was really good, like a little fatty muffin, and I was told its made from the pan drippings of the roast beef. Winnie was all apologies about it, saying it was underdone, which was not the case at all, and I told her the amazing Julia Child line which is don't apologize about anything you cook no matter what! I never had Yorkshire pudding so serve me anything and I don't know any better. So I just ignored her apologies, not wanting anything to taint how much enjoyment I was getting from the meal. Here's my spin-off, "Don't put a bad taste in my mouth, when I have a good one going on in there!" Winnie everything was amazing! 
    After dinner it was movie time. The tables were moved, big comfy couches took their place and the movie, "Withnail and I" was projected on the wall. The one character Withnail was super funny and insane, two qualities I adore in people. But this is a food blog so I will leave the movie review out of it.
   After the movie everyone was a little groggy and awkwardly stood around the kitchen not knowing what to do with themselves. There was sticky toffee pudding on the menu, which I love, and since I know no awkward situation, I gladly waited for it. I guess to hold us over we were served first a sticky toffee cake, which was so good and rich, so while I really liked that I was a little confused when I got another dessert dish of "the real" sticky toffee pudding and I wish I wasn't so full from the first "not real" dessert to fully enjoy its exquisiteness. But I can always make room and the proper sticky toffee pudding was fantastic.   


adozeneggs said...

You and these parties!
I wonder why no one in VT throws these.
I'm thinking of a Sticky Toffee cupcake for the Fall.
Sounds like a lot of fun, but somehow I think I'm too old for these kinds of things.

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swigg said...

oh snap! i totally missed a great feast... no more dentistry will get in my way for the next one!!!

adozeneggs said...

So, the photos didn't come through the last time I read this.
Holy Crap! That meat looks amazing. And you've never had Yorkshire Pudding before? Good grief! I don't even remember how young I was the first time I ate it. Must be my Boston upbringing.
You have the Popover Cafe in the Upper West Side. They serve popovers instead of toast with breakfast.