Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kee's Chocolates

     I remember a fellow blogger speaking very highly of Kee's Chocolates, so when we were looking for a snack downtown during a shoot I had to try it. We did a French Macaroon tasting. Erik, Jeremy and I tried Truffle Oil, Sesame, Ginger Peach and Cassis. The Truffle Oil was amazing. The truffle oil flavor was there, very subtle and combined curiously with the sweet chocolate. The Sesame flavor took a moment to appear, but when it did, it resembled a Japanese rice cookie. The Ginger Peach did not have a distinct flavor but was tasty. I thought maybe by that point my palate needed a rest, but I never give my palate a rest so I dove right into the Cassis, which was gushing with amazing berry flavor. All the macaroons had a really crisp light texture and they were room temperature on the outside, but when I bit into them them the chocolate filling was somehow cool and really refreshing. Truffle and Cassis were the winners by a log shot. Jeremy Parker (AKA tha Pumpsta) styled and hand modeled.  


foodcreate said...

Sounds so Tasty! I 've never had one Kee's Chocolates but I will now.
Thanks for sharing your Kee's Chocolates.

Join , Post your wonderful recipe~

Have a Grand Day!

Rocco Galatioto said...

What's with the chocolate; where's the food. You know what fills the panza. I'm still waiting for the stigghioli and the tripe. You know that I like to eat bread with chocolate; so in a way it's also panza food. I also dunk bread in wine and these natural habits to me and congruent with culture drive "la signora Marcy" crazy. Ethnocentricity snyone?