Saturday, July 4, 2009


     This may be my favorite photograph of ALL time, so I whored the image out, and put it on mugs, magnets, tote bags and t-shirts and am selling them on the Morta Di Fame Shop, at Cafe Press. 

      I also have a few other choice items, like the Morta Di Fame "Phonetics" assortment of t-shirts and the Morta Di Fame "Must Love Garlic" cap sleeve tee. I figure, in the name of consumerism, which should be called more aptly garbagism, that I should also have the opportunity to fill landfills! 

      In the name of garbagism, allegiance to the USA on this 4th of July, and to celebrate Morta Di Fame's 100th post, I am giving away a Morta Di Fame Rocco Mug!!!
    Nothing says, "I LOVE MY COUNTRY!" (and my freedom of expression) like Rocco flipping you the bird on a mug. This mug is perfect for the office when you can't say what you really want to say for fear of getting fired. I don't know about you, but this is a daily occurrence for me and sometimes I come very close!
    Here how it works: All you have to do to is answer the following question in the comment section of this post. Submissions will be accepted until July 7th, 11:59pm. No personal info is necessary, but you cannot post anonymously. I will use to randomize the comments and the comment that comes up first will be the winner of the mug! (Then I'll ask the winner to email me their address for shipping.)

The Question: Does the smell of "garlic hands," (as the result of chopping garlic) turn you on or make you gag? Answer as simply or elaborately as you like.

Good luck! 


kathyb said...

ah! most definitely a 'turn on'.

Marta said...

Turns me on!!!!!!!! Hahahaha the same as garlic breath! It's the Italian blood, it just calls out garlicky goodness!
Well, I have to say, I hope I win this giveaway because that image is brilliant!!! How cool would it be to bring that mug to the office?!?!?! Especially now that I'm switching jobs, if I bring that to my new office right away, they'll never mess with me! hahaha
Congrats on the 100th post and I hope you're enjoying a lovely 4th of July!

Jenny said...

the delicious smell of garlic on the boy's hands leaving me a slobbering, drooling turned on mess. sad, but true.

Rocco Galatioto said...

Don't be afraid to post my comment. Perhaps your attorney, Joeeph, Nino Manesporche, has told you to cease all communication with me?

Erik Dalzen said...

I love me some garlic on the hands, in the mouth, and in the tummy.

Wasim said...

The smell of garlic on one's hand has the same effect on me as the smell of really noxious body odor, you know the type that just builds up in your armpits when you haven't used deodorant. Ladies, wash your hands with some soap before you type your comments.

theoneandonly"cuzpino" said...

My congrats for the blog. It seems that is working. A full approval to your daddy's finger.
God Bless America