Monday, July 27, 2009


     Rocco has some beef with me. This after he posted my blogroll on his blog and is furiously insisting I do the same for him on Morta Di Fame. After I explain that photo technology information is not relevant for my readers, he retorts that food writing is not relevant for his readers. But, I didn't ask him to blog roll Morta Di Fame!
     Because of this Rocco is very bitter and our professional blogging relationship is approaching a legal battlefield. He has written me the following legal document, asking me to remove all of his images from Morta Di Fame. 
     If this crazy Sicilian thinks that I am going to stop exploiting him he has another thing coming. He has a Sicily trip coming up and I think after he overloads on sun and cornetti he will come back to the US, a free country where using your father's image without permission for selfish purposes is encouraged, and be singing a different tune. The war is on, Mr. G, and I am going to win this one...

TO:  Morta di Fame
FROM:  Rocco
SUBJECT: Dissolution of professional  BLOG relationship.

    After giving due consideration to our blog relationship, whereas it is my considered opinion based on obvious facts that I have been severely slandered, and whereas my image has been used without my written or oral permission, and whereas I have been seriously slandered to the point that I have become an embarrassment to my friends and especially to my wife, and whereas I have
lost credibility in front of my clients that has resulted in loss of income, I have decided that the best way to proceed is to dissolve and sever all blog  relationships. Under advise of counsel I have decided that to proceed  at this time with a tort would be a time consuming and costly way to end  this unproductive and damaging, to me, virtual relationship. I hope that you will be understanding enough to appreciate my angst and would kindly remove all my images from your blog, and from all merchandise that is being unethically distributed. Any links to the respective blogs must also be severed at once.
    It is with great sadness that this blog relationship had to end this way. I entered this relationship in good faith but have suffered from a predatory abuse of my good name and image. 
However, if this sensible solution to this problem is not heeded, I will then begin tort procedures in Federal Court as this is an interstate matter under the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution. I will also add a civil rights complaint that as a Sicilian,  included in the US Census ethnic categories as a person of color,  I qualify as an injured party on racial discrimination and civil rights violation grounds.
   Again, I hope that an amiable conclusion can be reached.

Rocco G. Galatioto "


Rocco Galatioto said...

I love the introduction you posted on Face Book. Priceless. I'm proud of you. But I'm still going to sue!t58gv

Rocco Galatioto said...

Grat writing, love the intro.
Callimg me that crazy Sicilian. All true....

Jessica@FoodMayhem said...

Haha, I guess controversy is still the best PR.