Wednesday, October 7, 2009


(Above original artwork: Everyday Is a Holiday)
    As a kid, cupcakes came out of a Duncan Hines box and the frosting out of that flimsy tub. My favorite combo was yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I still love it. My brothers and I used to draw straws to see who would get to lick the egg beaters. That was then this is now. 
   The Cupcake has experienced a baking revolution. They are so trendy I am surprised they are not accessories at runway shows. Cupcakeries are popping up on every corner like Starbucks. I just saw a Cupcake Truck on 5th Ave. And the flavors being experimented with out there are unimaginable. I was recently blown away by lavender cupcakes!
    I don't want to spoil the cupcake fun, but I am food trend forecasting and I have this peculiar feeling that pies will become the new cupcakes. This is not to say that cupcakes will be replaced by pies. I mean who doesn't love a good cupcake all the time. I think that pies are going to experience a very similar baking hysteria soon and I cannot wait. I love pies! I want to see mini-pie shops everywhere with a gazillion fancy pie flavors. Basically, I want to have my pie and cupcake, too!
   Want amazing baked goods without all the calories? The place where all this cupcake craze got started and the only source for everything cupcakes is EVERYDAY IS A HOLIDAY. Their "Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake" Art (above) was featured in the NY Times! 
    So I wasn't surprised when I asked Jenny & Aaron "Pie vs. Cupcake?" and the verdict was: 
"Talked to Jenny. Her loyalty is with cakes and cupcakes. For the sake of business and matrimony I must concur."    
    Fine, cupcakes win at Everyday Is a Holiday, but I did notice this amazing Apple Pie A La Mode Original Art Work (above) that makes me want to bake an apple pie right this second! Then eat a cupcake, of course.
    I also talked to Melissa Love, AKA punk rock Martha Stewart, AKA the Bakestress/Vegan Cupcakestress herself and she had a lot to say on this matter:
Morta Di Fame: "Is pie the new cupcake, Ms. Love?"
Ms. Love: "Hmm. It may be. But my love for the cupcake will not fade with a passing fad. It's the perfect New Yorker food. Portable and adorable. The accessory that goes with every outfit and gives me the fix to get through a busy day. A bit of comfort in an unforgiving city. Handheld and bite sized. I don't think that pie can quite accommodate all that."
   Maybe its just this crisp fall weather that has me in a pie craze, but I just have this hunch. No one is on board yet, but I can see into the future and alongside those cupcake shops, I see pie shops. Its not about cupcakes moving over and making room for pies, its about getting fatter in order to accommodate both, which is the American way, which is so apple pie. A red velvet cupcake with slice of pecan pie to chase. And don't forget the fresh whipped cream.  

I'd love to hear everyone's opinion: Is Pie the New Cupcake? 

Some inspiring cupcake/baking blogs:

And one pie blog I found:


Reginald@CeramicCanvas said...

I'm with you.

I say, bring on the pies.


kathyb said...

nope. pie is not the new cupcake. no way jose.

Jenny said...

i do love pies - yummy slices of comforting goodness and sometimes the only way people eat fruit.

but...i'm totally a cupcake whore w/ them being the right size, all the possible flavors out there and especially the ease of sharing. think of the possibilities of a cupcake shop turning into a great place to meet guys and/or girls ;o)

foodie ffanatic said...

How about "Pie Pops" - yes, mini pies on lollipop sticks. I first saw them at then at

Sorry, but I've always been pie before cupcakes. Besides, if you eat a fruit pie (or just a slice) can't you call it healthfood?

Stef said...

Thanks for including me in your post! Have you seen this site: . They haven't posted in ages, but I thought you would enjoy!

Morta Di Fame said...

Thanks everyone for commenting. Pie Pops you say!?!? Thats an idea...

Anonymous said...