Sunday, October 11, 2009


The Lamb Takedown was on Sunday. I love any type of competition, anytime, anywhere, but I was kind of tired on Sunday. I wanted to just sit at home and do nothing. But I had already paid $15 for my ticket and there were goody bags. I love goody bags second to competitions so I headed to the Highline Ballroom on Manhattan's West Side and I am happy I went.
They gave out awesome "I Love Lamb" fake tattoos!
There were 20 competitors, chefs who were given 15 lbs of lamb meat from the American Lamb Board (thanks y'all) and they created delicious bite sized lamb dishes. There would be 2 first prize winners, one judged by "the experts" and another judged by the audience. Host Matt Timms was so hilarious. He kept everyone amped on lamb the whole day.
For $15 bucks I ate a whole lot of lamb. Three giant plates to be exact. It was so worth it. Stand outs to me were the sexy lamb stew, the lamb tacos and the vietnamese lamb sandwiches. Don't ask me who? what? or when?
After a while everything started to kind of meld into one lamb taste, but not in a bad way. There were so many different dishes I just couldn't keep track. For a more thorough analysis visit Underground Dining. Yvonne kept really good track of everything and took great photos. I was just like, "Lamb? Where? More lamb? Yay!"
This chef topped his lamb dish off with a fig and some yummy creamy sweet sauce.
This chef made the sexy lamb stew I liked and said something about lamb being a major aphrodisiac. Whatever takes you there.

Visit THE TAKEDOWN to see who won.

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Thanks for the shout out! Cant wait till you start your own supper club!