Saturday, October 10, 2009

Naturally Risen

    Tonight is the Pizzalicious Meet-Up in the BK boro and I am super duper honored to be invited. If Anthony's was still open, that is Una Pizza Napoletana, the best pizza place to ever have existed in the entire universe, I would have stomped my foot like a big brat in order to convince the crew to have the Meet-Up there, but since its not I will just put this video up as an ode to that delicious heavenly pie that is no more but hopefully will someday be again. 
    Michael Evans, who is the most talented visionary and artist I have ever known, directed this video. He does an exceptional job of capturing the ebb and flow, the toil and the sheer love and obsession that went into making that delicious pizza I miss so much.
And if you like this video and are in a giddy crazy mood, be sure to watch the Rocco video. Rocco need hits!


Rocco Galatioto said...

I don't just need hits, I need to be discovered!

Paulie Gee said...

If UPN was opened you wouldn't have needed to stomp your feet. That Roberta's atmosphere and hospitality does kick ass though.

Pizzalicious Lauren said...

Yeah. UPN would have definitely been my first choice. It was so good to meet you and all the other pizza bloggers!

Pizzalicious Lauren said...

Yeah UPN would have been my first choice too. It was so great to meet you!