Tuesday, October 27, 2009


It was always there right in front of my nose: roasted fennel. Fennel I've always eaten like potato chips; open a bag and done, fennel gone. Its so refreshing on its own.
Then I promoted it to shaved fennel salad with blood oranges and pistachios. Some watercress, maybe some shaved parmesan cheese. But I just don't like to eat salad in the cool weather.
On the train coming home I remembered I'd had some brussel sprouts in the fridge, which are great for roasting (especially with bacon) and some fennel. I just knew magic would happen when I put that crispy white fennel in a hot oven with perfect extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and ground pepper. Divinity. Fennel is absolutely perfect for roasting. It holds up to the heat and oozes a sweet mellow licorice goodness. Why did you only appear to me now roasted fennel?
Stay tuned I am on a roasting kick!

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