Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Driving in Amagansett, my favorite town on the way to Montauk, we saw a sign for Balsam Farm Market. It is a good ways down the gorgeous woodsy back roads and when we pulled up, the first thing I saw were chickens! Wouldn't this photo make a great wedding invitation? Is it two roosters or two hens? I can't tell.
The colors of this farm stand were enough to pull you right in. It was such blinding eye candy, the tomatoes, the pumpkins, the squash, I didn't know what to get.
I found these irresistible turkish eggplants. They look like mini pumpkin tomatoes.
The farmer, posed in the hero shot above, told me to fry them. No problem! They were delicious with a little plum chutney.

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Chef Fresco said...

Awesome post! Love the pictures!