Monday, October 26, 2009


There's nothing like coming home from work, eating amazing butternut squash soup that a friend was kind enough to share with me, then getting a call about more dinner at Nonna's. Fresh Homemade Pasta with Fava Beans. How can I say no to that, even though I would be double dinnering? I can't.
I haven't learned the homemade pasta technique from Nonna yet but she was particularly obsessed with moving it around on this wooden board, most likely so it wouldn't dry up and stick together before putting it into the water.
The fava sauce is made from dried fava beans that have been stewed with garlic. Rocco, please enlighten us here. Do you soak the beans? It becomes this garlic flavored fava bean paste and is so hearty with the homemade pasta, and a lot more filling that regular pasta. Extra virgin olive oil plus salt is key on top of this dish.
There is Rocco enjoying his dinner. He is eating pasta out of a serving bowl. A regular bowl is not quite generous enough of a portion. These days Rocco is preoccupied by the notion that he is too skinny.
Wouldn't Nonna's apartment be such a great place to have a supper club? I might even be able to convince her to take the plastic off the furniture! God Forbid!
And this is a photo of a young Rocco with his little brother back in the day in Old Brooklyn.

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Robin Sue said...

This looks like a great dish, is there a recipe? Or will I have to cook like all our Nonna's- no recipe "a little of this and a little of that." I had to laugh about the plastic on the furniture, they used to even keep the cellophane wrappers on the lamp shades!!