Thursday, October 1, 2009


    I bought these eggplants at the Farmer's Market because they were just gorgeous. I felt a cold coming on, and boy did it come on, so I immediately tried to load up on garlic for the immune system. Roasted garlic and eggplant. That sounded good.
   I cut the eggplant in half, made little slits in them, stuffed the slits with garlic, covered them in that outstanding olive oil from crete, plus sprinkled on the oregano from crete, sea salt and pepper and into the oven to roast for a good half hour at 375 degrees. 
   The roasted garlic flavor soaked into the eggplants and the whole thing literally melted in your mouth. Rocco made a great suggestion: next time anchovy paste on top. Genius. Will do.


As I see it said...

Darn...I just used the last eggplants from my deck garden:

I'll have to try this next summer!


Justin said...

the anchovy paste sounds good to me too

peat said...

mmm my mom makes something similar only she stuffs them with a mix of onions and peppers and i think tomatoes, ill ask tomorrow and tell you. but they are super sweet from the onions and reaaallyy good.

and this blog said...

I saw these at the farmer's market the other day.... and wanted to buy them but didnt know what to do with them... gonna try it next week!!!! sounds yummy