Friday, October 23, 2009


   I don't believe in time. First of all, it makes everyone stressed out and in a rush. I hate rushing! And it makes people get old, which I certainly don't believe in. Time as we perceive it, passes us by so quickly I can hardly comprehend it. Its been 2 weeks since Dorcas, Elina and myself got together to make a kick-ass girl's dinner. And its been 10 years since the three of us graduated from high school! 
   But when we get together time stops and thats when the fun begins. Get us in one room eating and wining and we become a laugh so loud that I have to close the windows wild bunch.   
    It makes me realize that life should always be lived in the present. To live in the past is regretful and to live in the future is worrisome. Its when we live in the present that we are truly alive. And you know how I like to live: eating.
      On a fine Friday afternoon I met Dorcas in Union Square and we picked up the fixins for a local feast. With some scallion sauce from a farm stand, red peppers, broccoli, bok choy and gorgeous shrimp, we put together a delicious one pot shrimp and veggie stir fry over basmati rice that was so quick and easy it left plenty of valuable girl chat craziness.
    We can't talk about time awareness without talking about the lovely Elina. Admittedly always late, she offered to make an appetizer. The stir fry was hot on the table by the time Elina arrived and began casually assembling a traditional Greek dish called Dako, which is stale bread soaked in water and vinegar then topped with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and lots of cheese. We ate it as a side and it was superb. F off time!  
   For dessert we made a simple apple crumble with local apples. This is such an easy quick recipe you can make in a cinch if you have apples and a few things in the pantry.
    After dinner we headed to Brooklyn to the diviest dive bar ever. The bar had a boxing game and Dorcas, mighty Dorcas, kicked ass and made us so proud by punching harder than all the wimpy boys in there! YES!!!
And the night ended with Frito Pie...


Pizzalicious Lauren said...

Way to go Dorcas!

Rocco Galatioto said...

Jen. you got to stop with this hreat food it makes me hungry. I guess I must forget about dieting.

and this blog said...

awwww Cheers to Girls Dinner, Girl talk, Girl night out =)