Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I just got a couch! My first brand new, flame retardant soaked couch! The timing was perfect. It was the most miserably rainy day, perfect for watching movies all day and night. I realized since I had moved to my new place I have never stayed there all day, not leaving once. My squirrel like activity level doesn't permit this luxurious behavior.
It can be fun to go into temporary lock-down as far as food goes too because you have to eat only what you have and need to get a little inventive. But usually you realize you have a lot of good stuff on hand that you normally skip over when you take a trip to the market, then end up throwing it away later.
I woke up with pancakes on my brain. Apple Pancakes. They were winged. Flour, Eggs, Water (because there was only rotten soy milk), a little salt and grated apples in the batter. I ate this with Chili Honey Butter which is like butter crack that I got out of Padma Lakshmi's Tang Tart Hot and Sweet. Its the easiest thing to make, 1 stick of butter, 1 1/2 TBSP. honey plus 1 tsp. cayenne and salt. Heaven.
For movie watching it was sliced fresh radishes and salt. Such a great and refreshing snack.
Movie watching, and basically not moving off the couch for hours on end can lead to extreme lethargy and the feeling of general dirtbagness. If I was going to make dinner I needed to pep up so I took a shower and dressed up like I was going out. I like to do this with fancy dinners, too. Get into a fancy dress and convince your man to wear the one outfit he has on hand in case someone dies. It can be very romantic and can make a regular dinner at home an extravagant affair.
For my private dinner at home, I made Miso Cod that I marinated in miso, mirin and sake, salt and pepper. When grilled it became sweet and caramelized on the outside and flakey inside, but this fish is easy to overcook and can fall apart, so I try to take it off before I think its done, and its usually perfect. As a side I prepared sauteed collared greens and rosemary roasted potato wedges. For dessert apple crumble. I tend to buy giant bags of apple at the Farmer's Market.
And to think, all of this food was already in my house. Next time I get the urge to go to the store I am going to take a closer look to see what I have on hand. Then I am going to wrap myself up in blankets hermit style and pray for rain.

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Rocco Galatioto said...

You could have invited me to share that cod.