Thursday, November 26, 2009


I scored some really awesome artwork at Jen Bekman's 20X200, which is a really cool way to get some great art at affordable prices. On a weekly basis Jen Bekman offers 1 photo and 1 print from amazing artists and sells 200 original editions for $20. Yeah an 8X10 for $20. Thats a steal! And there are bigger sizes in smaller editions for more dinero available, too.
I love these two prints I got. One is the guts of a midwife's refrigerator, the other a bartender's. Can you guess which is which?
This set would make a really great gift for your favorite foodie!


Elise said...

Love the contrast between a scratch cook's fridge and a take-out guy's fridge!

Jen said...

I love these photos. They're so great. The insides of people's fridges are such a window into their lives (although that worries me a bit about what mine says about me).