Saturday, November 7, 2009


The last CSA pick-up is coming up and its bittersweet. Bitter because no more vegetables. Sweet because no more trying to figure out what the hell to do with vegetables I know only how to do one thing with. Well, at least it has forced me to be inventive.
Leeks! I've done Kale Leek Frittata, Potato Leek Soup and Leek Pasta with Toasted Bread Crumbs. What next? FRITTERS! Anything fried, right?
So I looked up a few recipes and saw this one for Potato Leek Fritters. I modified it a bunch. I used 3 potatoes, which is more than the recipe calls for and 2 eggs which is less. I also omitted the cheese, which I know would have been really yummy.
What I liked about this recipe is that it called for me to boil garlic with the potatoes, then add the leeks. I have never ever boiled garlic. But it was fantastic. The smell was wonderful especially after I added the leeks. After everything boiled down I drained then mashed it and added some salt and pepper and really good extra virgin olive oil. I let that cool then mixed in beaten eggs and bread crumbs. I eyeballed everything making sure it was thick enough to form into fritters. I let that sit for a bit to come together then fried them. These would be perfect with this garlic mayo I was just put onto and sour cream of course.

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these look yummy!!! i like the combo