Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ted and amy supper club

I'd been looking forward to going to The Ted and Amy Supper Club, as in Ted Allen from Queer Eye, and Amy Sedaris from Strangers with Candy. But its not their supper club, its Kara's super club in ode to them, which is so hilarious. I figured the Halloween Dinner, with the scariest menu I have ever seen would be a perfect.
I came in costume, which can be a little weird when meeting people for the first time in their home, but I love awkward situations so I powered through it with a Bloody Rum Punch Cocktail.
On the kitchen counter, there shamelessly displayed for self-promotion was the Guest Chef Scott Gordon's The Shameless Carnivore A Meat Lover's Manifesto. I hate modesty so I appreciated his countless plugs. I asked him whether people always ask him his cholesterol level, to which he answered that its a stupid question because he doesn't only eat meat, he eats all good food and thinks meat can be eaten healthily and responsibly. Agreed. Now, I am a meat lover who likes to argue for argument's sake, but since Scott was serving my food I played nice.
I really enjoyed Scott's first dish, Blood Sausage with daikon (if I remember correctly) with a nice mustard sauce on the side. Nicely portioned and a great start.
Next we had a really deliciously prepared Headless Horseman Soup of pumpkin with cloves and honey. I loved it too much. And the portion size here was a little too much for the amount of food still ahead. I wish I had more self-control, but it was so good I couldn't help but lick the bowl clean. There were even offerings of seconds. Craziness. If I had had another bowl of that I would have been ready for dessert.
It was time for the dreaded Zombie Brains, which was pan calf brains and lemon aioli. Guests likened them to fried oysters. As the saying goes, "anything fried is good" and these were pretty good if you could get over the fact they were brains. One brain for me was enough though. My mouth didn't want any more of the creamy insides after the first one. I am glad I tried them but if I never had them again I wouldn't really miss them. They were a perfect menu item for this creepy dinner however.
Next the anxiously awaited Skeleton Bones which were roasted veal bone marrow with parsley salad. I love bone marrow. I had it the first time at a Choice Cuts dinner. Delectably described as beef butter, Scott plated it perfectly with a side of well dressed parsley greens and plenty of bread for sopping. But then more bone marrow was passed around! Kara, don't you know I have no self-control? I bit. More bone marrow for me, which wasn't wise with what was still ahead.
I was really excited about the Creature from the Black Lagoon dish of grilled calamari over squid ink linguini. The calamari were grilled beautifully and the squid ink pasta had a really delicious creamy buttery sauce that was divine. This time I asked for more pasta. Shame on me but it was just so good. As a rule seconds should be banned from Supper Club dinners.
Kara's dessert, The Devil's Food Cake which were individual chocolate caramel cakes served warm topped with candy corn were chocolate heaven. It was like hot chocolate cake. It had a nice cake crust on top and was ooey and gooey inside. I loved it. A perfect ending to a delicious meal. Thanks Kara and Scott!


kathyb said...

now that's what i call a true halloween menu! none of this silly 'velveeta cheese and refrigerator rolls" disguised as mummy fingers! you were very brave, I don't know if I could have tried the brains.

Rocco Galatioto said...

Fantastico. A little too carnivorous for my Mediterranean sensibility.

Underground Dining said...

HAHA! Hey! You went! Awesome! And had bone marrow again--love it. Until we meet again! Do you have a picture of everyone in their costumes?????

Paulie Gee said...

I want to go. Can you get them to do it again and bring me along?