Friday, November 13, 2009


Its a hard question to answer: "If you can pick anything for dessert, what would you want right now?" When I asked my friend to help me figure out what to make for poker night, I was not prepared for the reply: "Those elephant ears." Or Palmiers. Those delicate and sugary caramelized pastries that are like heavenly sweet croissants. I had no idea how to make them. They involved puff pastry, which is one of the most time consuming types of dough to make (like it takes days), so I took the easy way out and bought the puff pastry as Ina Garten's recipe recommends.
These could not have been simpler or easier to make. Defrost the puff pastry. Open it up on a surface with lots of sugar on it. Cover the top with sugar as well, then roll it out. Then fold it in on itself according to her easy to follow directions. After its rolled up cut it and bake them cut side up. Thats it. So easy. So go to when you need to make a quick dessert with minimal ingredients on hand. They were delicious and very addictive and were an AWESOME accompaniment to Red Stripe.


JOE G said...

How come me and Fran arent invited to the card game?

Joe G said...

How come me and fran arent invited to the card game? Holla