Friday, November 27, 2009


This post is a few holidays too late ...
A lot of my fellow bloggers expressed their wish to puke after engorging themselves with turkey and all the fixins' on Thanksgiving. I hear you people. And Nonna has the nerve to insist on making lasagna which precedes the rest of the gluttonous meal. So don't read this unless you want to puke. I am merely writing this post for posterity, so next year I know what we had and what changes we will need to make. Like do we need lasagna?Lasagna- perfect but an insane way to start the meal.
Turkey - awesome, Mom! Next year I may actually try to shoot my own wild turkey. If not I want to not wait until the last minute so we can get a more affordable local turkey. Also, what's up with the plastic baking bag? The skin took on a bit of a plastic taste, in a delicious way. Mom stuffed a apple in the turkey and seasoned it with rosemary, which were both great ideas!
Cranberry Sauce - The first sugar water ratio seemed like too little, 1:1:4 sugar: water: cranberries. I saw another 2:2:4. I didn't realize the cranberries would release so much water, and it was more saucy than I would have liked. I also didn't know when you cool them they become gelatinous and I think I cooked them down too long. Just until they pop the recipe said, which I didn't read through. The flavors were delicious and I will definitely keep that the same.
Grated Ginger, Grated Lemon and Orange Zest, Cayenne Pepper (just a little), 2 cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, bourbon and salt, plus some tangerine juice. Next year, cardamom!
Stuffing - stove top! This is the last year for stove top. Sorry brothers. I could really taste all the sodium, even though Mommy used the pan juices. Next year, corn bread sausage stuffing. I am sure Mommy will still make the stove top for you. I will supplement.

Mashed Potatoes- The texture of these was funny. Mike was like, "these potatoes have a wonderful textures like chewing gum." Then he said he could caulk the bathroom with them after dinner. They were so glutenous. The flavor was unbelievable, and when covered in homemade turkey gravy they loosened up a bit, but maybe we go with Mommy's gut and get "regular" potatoes, not the crazy ones I picked out at the Farmer's Market.

Brussel Sprouts - These were good, and baconey. Rocco, I wish the bacon were crispy. Maybe fry the bacon, remove it, the add it back so it doesn't soften, like how Mommy makes the corn. Honestly, I liked this dish, but I prefer my brussels sprouts roasted with salt, pepper and olive oil.
Corn Maque Choux - perfect every time, Mom.
Wow is that it? Usually we have way too many sides. I think we did a good job keeping it too a good minimum, even though instead of 90 little things on my plate, I just had a few giant mounds and still stuffed myself to the point of near death. Next year, maybe we do some yams and maybe a different green veggie, like creamed spinach. Let's rotate yearly.
Chocolate Mints: a Grandma Isabelle tradition.
Pumpkin Pecan Pie: not crazy about this. Next time, just pecan. Love a good bourbon pecan pie.
Cheese cake: Nonna loves it. Not gonna mess with Nonna.

Rainbow Cookies: not American, so its full circle with the lasagna and they were delicioso.
Again, we didn't go crazy with the desserts, but then again, Roseanne didn't come over with a giant box of pastries.
I also am including different dishes I made with all the leftovers.
Mommy wouldn't let me make Blue Potato Mashed Potatoes for Thanksgiving day, so I did them a few days before as a test. I made them vegan, with olive oil, boiled garlic, rosemary, then fresh garlic at the end, plus some soy milk. They were so good.
Next day I made these Blue Potato Fritters with some egg and bread crumbs. I had them with the cranberry sauce.
I also made a good green salad with turkey and balsamic vinegar and some raisins.

With the bones, I made a Turkey Broth with carrots, onions, garlic, celery, oregano, rosemary, tarragon and bay leaf. After straining it I boiled some spaetzel in the broth with some carrots, celery and turkey. I love this! I have so much in the freezer for future soups. Its amazing how much meat also is still left on the carcass after you think you picked it all off, too. What a waste it would have been to toss the bones out.
Curry turkey salad all week! Mayo, Curry, Turmeric, Walnuts, Raisins, Celery, and Pear.

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