Thursday, November 19, 2009


This may seem off topic for the blog except that I am going to eat lots of wine and cheese and be hoity toity and artsy fartsy at my good friend Erik's Open Studios at Hunter College this Friday, Nov. 20th.
Come by, be snobby and turn your nose up to all the amazing artwork. There is also going to be a silent auction! Score some work while its cheap so hopefully one day its worth a fortune!
I have been trying to convince Erik to serve some type of food and drink in his studio to keep people interested. (Not that your work is not interesting enough Erik.) Food has staying power in these circumstances. Whenever I see people coming out of a room with say cookies in their hands, I immediately ask, "Where did you get those cookies?" I basically assault them. And thats all it takes. I'm in there eating cookies. And not just one. If they are free I will stay there for a while. I also think he should serve punch because what is a party without punch? And maybe a disco ball with some dance music! Party in Erik's studio!


Joanne said...

Food is always a crowd pleaser :D. Thanks for the invite, I will try to stop by tomorrow!

Morta Di Fame said...

Joanne! Its tonight!

Underground Dining said...

My friend is going there tonight too-- I have another event though. Have fun!