Wednesday, September 2, 2009

'A Quattrocchi - Sicilian Phrases

   I woke up on the couch this morning to Rocco singing about one of the cats. While I was still sleeping he had a full conversation with me as if I were awake. Awoken but still in "bed," he modestly presented me with a perfectly short and strong espresso "Jen, now that is crema," he said, "Better than what you get with your expensive machine." 
   Rocco went into a full rant about the dentist, whom he needs to get serious with and speak to "a quattrocchi." This is a funny new phrase to me that literally translates as "talking with four eyes," or as we would say "eye to eye" or "face to face." Its a good expression. 
   Then he went mumbling and cursing around the house looking for his keys. Finally I convinced him to try the Cretan Olive Oil I brought back. It was a group effort getting the darn jug opened. He tried to hold back but then admitted, "Jen, this is the shit!" My brothers and I teach him such phrases as if he's a parrot and he ever repeats them in the most appropriate places like a restaurant or the grocery store. 
   More on crazy father's. You know when someone does something you wish you thought of. With Rocco in mind, few friends have sent me this blog: His bio is: "I'm 28. I live with my 73-year-old dad. He is awesome. I just write down shit that he says." 
   I can so relate. A recent post: ""The dog don't like you planting stuff there. It's his backyard. If you're the only one who shits in something, you own it. Remember that." 
   Its so hilarious, check it out! If I did this project with my dad, I would certainly go insaner. 

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