Monday, September 7, 2009


   My great friends Elina and Cody got married on Crete, Greek's largest and most beautiful island. It was a traditional Greek wedding ceremony in the tiniest church on a mountain in an olive grove. Can it get any better than that? 
    My favorite part was when Elina's entire family walked her down the road to the church and at the front of the parade were loot players playing tradition Greek wedding music. I also enjoyed how much unstructured the ceremony was with everyone standing near the couple instead of sitting in ordered rows. You could really feel everyone's love surrounding them. 
    After the ceremony we headed down the mountain to the reception which was held at a gorgeous taverna on the Mediterranean Sea where we celebrated the union of two of the most beautiful people I know. It was the best wedding I have ever been to hands down. 
There were even traditional Greek dancers.
    The photos that follow are of the food and more and more food. So much food that the table was piled with plates and when it was time for the cake we ate ours perched on top of other dishes. How awesome!
To start: some amazing cheese with Greek honey and little meatballs.
Spinach in phyllo. (not sure what this is called)
Stuff grape leaves and stuffed squash blossoms with a tomato mint rice filling. These were addictive.
That bread salad always makes a welcomed appearance.
Shrimp mayo salad.
Green salad. Cabbagey. Good.
The meat with a side of the most incredible lemon potatoes!
Fruits. I never tasted watermelon as flavorful as in Greece.
Yummy dessert. Baklava and Galactic Booty Call.
 Make room for the cake...or not!

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