Monday, September 14, 2009


I think its funny to apologize for not blogging. When other bloggers do it I always want to say, "Hey, nobody is paying you to do this, so need need for an excuse." But life happens and I really feel loyal to this blog, so sorry that I have been inconsistent with my posts. My goal was to post everyday no excuses but I have some legitimate ones: I moved into a cave with no internet; my cell phone doesn't even work down there. So tomorrow they are bringing me the internet so I have a lot of stuff just waiting to go up!
A little about my new place. First, its awesome. My kitchen is great, nice and open. Everything has a place, even my Grandma Isabelle's China. Its one of those entertaining kitchens with the dining room right there. When I recover from the expense of the move I am going to even get a couch to put in the kitchen, a dream to finally come true!
I had a little dinner partay for Rocco's Birthday (post coming soon) and it was so cozy with everyone in the kitchen eating and talking or what sounds like yelling furiously at eachother but thats what its like when you get more than one Italian in the room. I even have Grandma Isbelle's old table in there, which means so much to me, we had so many memorable meals on that table.
I remember as a kid going out to Long Island on Saturdays with my Mom, Uncle George and my brothers and we used to eat Campbell's Chicken and Stars Soup with potato chips melting in it. Its still my favorite soup but never tastes the same as it did at Grandma's. The table is too small to fit all of the dishes Mommy brought over, so I just served all the various dishes on all the various countertops, which was great because everyone was just walking around the kitchen picking out what they wanted at their leisure. It was so casual and relaxing and I can't wait to have more dinner parties there. I even have a backyard where I was able to bring my fresh herb babies to. I am happy there and will be bringing a lot of fun dishes straight out of that kitchen to Morta Di Fame.

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Rocco Galatioto said...

Jen, I want to thank you publicly for that nice birthday gathering. Good food, good company, good vibes. It doesn't get any better.
Mille grazie.