Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rocco's Birthday...and his rap video

    Rocco has been a major cranky pants since he came home from Sicily. Why? I don't know. My mom would say he's just being a curmudgeon. So we figured we'd throw him a little party for his birthday in my new apartment in Mid. Vill, Queens, home of every major cemetary in the tri-state area. 
    It was a lot of fun, Mommy, my brothers, Nonna and Cousins Pino and Roseanne came. Pino actually starred in a rap video with Rocco. Oh you didn't know that Rocco is a famous rapper? Well watch this video. You will be very happy you did. HERE'S THE LINK IF ITS NOT SHOWING UP HERE...

As for Rocco's Birthday menu, Mommy cooked up a storm as usual. She made her famous:
breaded shrimp with parsley, 
chicken cutlets (no THE BEST CHICKEN CUTLETS), 
a string bean and potato salad with red onion and,
the most delicious sausage and potatoes I have had in a while and trust me my life is not short on sausage-eating. 
Some sweet Long Island Corn (pronounced in guidonics: Lawnk Eyelint)
I made bread salad, a regular green salad and for dessert I made a Pineapple Upside Down Cake but instead of those corn syrup red cherries I put some fresh blueberries on top. Nice.
    And Roseanne, who lives in the most Italian area of "the Other Brooklyn" a neighborhood called Bensonhurst (more on "The Other Brooklyn" in another post) brought this giant platter of Italian Cookies. 
    These darn cookies are insanely delicious, all almondy and now in my freezer for when I have impromptu guests. Right, it just ends up being me eating these sweet frozen angels when I get home late!


Rocco Galatioto said...

Oh my 15 minutes of fame! succ vainglory! Thanks for the great photo. I love it and I'm using it as my picture on face book. Please don't sue me. Nad TThanks again for the parry.

Rocco Galatioto said...

The photos need a bit more depth of field. Why not try the PC lens.

Unknown said...

congratulationson your beautiful blog award! I have returned reently from Sicily and I to am crabby like Rocco. We were in Pozzallo. We also got to Modica and sailed over to Malta (which had great Sicilian food) Where was Rocco? The food was amazing in Pozzallo, the Arancini and the fish was so fresh, the bread and cheeses in Modica and OH my God, the ricotta was the best. It can't compare to any other.Please visit our site and blog, Twicebakedtwins. com and click on our press page also. You will be able to see us in action!!

DonnaFran said...

The food was absolutely delicious and I can't get over that video... it's so awesome!!!