Saturday, September 19, 2009


    God I'm glad I started loving oysters. All I can say is mmm salty slimy goodness. So apparently this guy Henry Hudson was named after this river or something and its like the 400th anniversary or something. All I heard was oysters and beer. 
   Oyster Night at Jimmy's No. 43 was to support Slow Food NYC with $4 plates of 3 Oysters and $5 Ommegang (those are Dutch) beers. We got a brochure from Sea Grant that explained shellfish aren't only good for your taste buds because (I am plagiarizing this is right from their brochure): as filter feeders they improve water quality and species diversity and shellfish aquaculture is sustainable and good for the environment. Read more here.
   I like Jimmy's No. 43, it was dark and underground with a warm feel and antlers everywhere. The good intentioned wait staff was not prepared for the oyster craziness, and they ran out of the fixins, cocktail sauce and lemons, but these Peconic Bay Oysters were good just like that.
   I tried a bacon wrapped oyster. What a waste. I might as well have just eaten bacon straight, not a problem, because I didn't taste any of that oyster inside.
   We got a really yummy soft goat cheese with apple and peach salsa and not enough delicious bread.
   And a mild radish salad. We get these insane radishes from Sergio the CSA farmer and these just were not up to par for me at least in the spicy department.
   For dessert, a warm bread salad, nice flavor but on the dry side, with cold creamy dipping sauce that needed to be warm in my opinion.
   We were there for oysters and beer and we got some delicious oysters and beer then went and got more beer. Good night.


Unknown said...

Good Morning! Its Joy, from the TwiceBakedTwins. Did you get a chance to see us on the Morning Shows? Just click onto our Press page. We too love Oysters. But lately we have been on this kick about Mussels! We were at a restaurant called Taberna, here in Connecticut, the NY Times gave a great rating by the way, and the mussels were prepared with chorizo, in a coconut basil broth! And the mussels in Sicily? Omg, everything so fresh, so clean. I wish we had access to all that freshness. I do have a few pictures of the food. I will let u know where I have posted them and tell you about each one. Did Rocco say anything about the men that travel the streets early in the morning peddling their fresh produce or ricotta? The women have baskets attached to a string and lower them from the windows for the peddler to fill! Its so different.
Well, enjoy the weekend, can I know your name? Bye!

Rocco Galatioto said...

Nice article. I'm glad you are critical when things are not as good as they can be.

Jennifer Galatioto said...

Ooh, Joy! Will go look now! I am so jealous you were in Sicily! Please send me photos. Maybe I can post some food ones on here :-) Rocco is one of the men peddling in the streets! LOL! Instead he's taking pictures but he looks just like the best of them. My Nonna still does that when I go to her house and need something. She lowers it off the balcony. So great! I love mussels with chorizo and even curry broth. YUM!!!
MY NAME IS JEN. So great hearing from you. Thanks for checking this blog out!