Wednesday, September 23, 2009


   Skip my blabbing and check out this chica's fantastic blog called Underground Dining where she shouts out Supper Clubs all around the city. Okay now for my blabbing...
   All I hear are my girls complaining about just how hard it is to find a man. Well, you can do what I do and just make one up in your brain, or you can start looking in the right places. I have said this many times, meeting men in bars is not a good move. First of all, there is no common ground. Great so you are both wasted; thats a good way to start things off. Much respect to those who found the love of their life in a bar but most people I talk to are not happy with the quality of meat they find there. 
   I am 100% supportive of online dating, especially since everyone I know is a major workaholic, but I think flesh is important and thats why a lot of these cyber-flings can be so hit or miss. Your molecules need to do sexy dancing in person without you knowing it, to see if you have chemistry. Because if you don't have chemistry just throw the whole thing out the window. 
   So where to search? Work is sometimes a hit, but it can also be awkward if things don't work out. When I was not single I was always like "THANK GOD I am not single!" because at the fashion company where I work, there are a lots of available men, they are just not interested in available women if you get my drift, even though they are so gorgeous, well dressed and some of the most wonderful people I know. Thats the cruel joke of the gay man.
    Church is also a great meeting place. Same beliefs and same ideals. But who goes to church?
Plus, when you want to do unwholesome things, again, it can get awkward.
    So I always ask my friends, what do you like to do? Like to gamble? Go to a poker night. Like to read? Book Club? Like to play sports? Co-Ed Dodgeball. You will always shine when you are doing what you love and it will show. 
    Ya'll know what I like to do: EAT! and I need a man who can keep up. And most people generally enjoy eating since its a basic function that keeps them alive so its hard to go wrong here.
   So Restaurants? No! You cannot pick up in a restaurant. When you go to a restaurant its you and whomever you are with. Its so closed off.
   Enter the age of awesome Supper Clubs!!! I go to Supper Clubs because I love to eat and its such a great way to meet so many nice people, not just jump-offs, but thats what we're talking about here. I brought one of my home girls, (like we went-to-6th-grade-together-home-girls) to this BLT party a few posts ago, and she was like damn, there are some cute guys here. And you don't just have to look at them. Its so easy to chat it up at Supper Clubs, "Excuse me, but did I just drop that big slab of bacon on the floor?" 
   Supper Clubs are a fun and easy environment to just talk and have fun, not just with guys, I have also met a lot of nice girlfriends at Supper Clubs, too. And when you are at ease and making your brain happy with food, you are open and in a good place to meet someone nice. And if you don't well at least you ate forty pieces of bacon and don't have a rotten hangover. Wait, there is a lot of drinking that can go on at Supper Clubs, which can be fun, too! 
   And there are so many great Supper Clubs, hidden gems all around the city, you just need to know where to look. Basically I am shouting out my friend's new awesome blog called Underground Dining. I met her at a Supper Club and this girl is the Queen of Supper Clubs. Like an expert, she knows every Supper Club out there and has been to so many and can tell you what rock and what sucks. And she's really funny, witty and brutally honest, which I admire. This weekend, on her recommendation, I am going to the Brooklyn Edible Social Club, which she says, "if you have to go to just one, go to this one." And yesterday she posted something about a Lamb Takedown coming up! Check her blog out; it will keep you in the know on where to score some good food and maybe something else... 


Frances said...

I met a friend of mine for dinner last night. She's been single for the past 3 years and claims she and her single girlfriends have so much trouble tracking down the best locale to meet single guys. Well, my advice, is meet up with a married pal. My pick for dinner had her lost for words, don't really know why, but the place was positively heaving with handsome men. Maybe when you're least expecting it - you know how it is in life! Still, she was pretty low key,and I don't blame her, but at least she has a new hot spot to hit with her single girlfriends!

Jennifer Galatioto said...

Now that an idea. Also my gay friend swears to know tons of places where single men hang out. Go figure!
Thanks for the comment!