Tuesday, September 22, 2009


     Saturday night was the BLT party, and I ate over 20 pieces of bacon. Somehow I didn't need a triple bypass the next day, but you think I would give the digestive system a rest. But, Sunday ended up being the fullest day ever. Not just with food and drink but with lots of fun and strenuous activity. I started off the day with brunch with a friend at Egg in Williamsburg. I'd been wanting to try this place for a while but there is always a sick line for brunch. We met there early and were seated right away. I biked from Queens and my legs were dying within the first 5 minutes. It was probably all the bacon lard settling into my thighs.
    I think the waitress thought I was mentally retarded. I was trying to be conservative after all the bacon fat I had consumed, "just some fruit and a side of ... ham, please. Oh and hash browns?" But then I saw this amazing platter pass by and I needed to change my order to, "what is that guy having? Yeah can I have that instead?" The waitress was so unnecessarily nice about it. Like if she called me an idiot I would have deserved it. But she was a sweetie puff. So I got the craziest thing to eat after a night of 45 BLTs, Egg Rothko, and it was so excellent. It was a giant piece of brioche with the egg in the middle, smothered in cheese. Oh and bacon on the side.
    Can we get some eggs with those boobs? My girl got some scrambled eggs and maybe the best hash browns I have ever had in me entire life. It was like a hash brown ball, perfectly seasoned, crispy on the outside and warm and soft and delicious on the inside. Why did I send my order back?!?!
   After brunch it was time for Oysters on the Hudson. Yes, more Oysters, its that guy Henry Hundson's like 4000th Birthday or something. So we rode our bikes ALL the way to West 44th St. and the water from Brooklyn for some stellar Oysters and what else? Beer. 
    It was phenomenal weather to drink some beers and watch all the cool sailboats and ships go by. They had some crazy beer tasting going but the line was offensive so we just ate more oysters.
   A walk on the highline was followed by a pit stop at Hogs and Heifers where I met the man of my dreams. Why do I often times find myself saying, "Would you mind while I go and hit on that old man over there?"
   Isn't it time for more food? So we headed to the Chelsea Market to pick up a few things for dinner and then rode ALL the way back to Mid. Vill. Whoah was I going to die, but dinner needed to get served. We made a creamy mushroom sauce of chanterelles and oyster mushrooms, plus one good luck purple mushroom (can't remember what it was called) on top of fresh made fettucini pasta. The only thing that was missing was some fresh parsley and we got fresh parsley from the CSA this week!
 Oh well, with some wine and Greek Raki and honey as our digestif, it was a delicious way to top off one full day.

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