Sunday, September 27, 2009


    I got these Black Radishes at the Farmer's Market. I was overly excited when I saw them and when I am overly excited I tend to become delusional and I believed they were Black Turnips. I made a really good turnip soup a while back and wanted to make Black Turnip Soup. Doesn't that sound sexy? Well, if turnips can be sexy, and I think they can be, then Black Turnips are off the charts. But it turns out they were radishes and radishes are hard. Black Radish Soup sounds kind of crazy, especially since Sergio the CSA Farmer has been giving us really kick-ass peppery radishes that can wake you up better than black coffee. 
    After a week in the fridge and many recipe searches it turns out that no one has gotten too fancy with black radishes. A blog I follow, Chocolate and Zucchini, made Black Radish Chips in the oven. Since I have been on a deep frying bender, and everyone knows that ANYTHING fried is good, I sliced these suckers, tossed them in some hot olive oil (not extra virgin) and they turned this gorgeous brown color and their marvelous arrayed pattern came out. A little sea salt and these Deep Fried Black Radishes certainly made for some good grub. They were crispy on the outside and tender on the inside and had a really nice, I have to say, almost turnip flavor. I think turnips and radishes are kissing cousins, and black radishes are their illegitimate bastard children. Beautiful illegitimate bastard children. (Thats the name of my new band.)


Rocco Galatioto said...

I must try them. I have never seen them before.

Anonymous said...

Just had my first black radish last evening with crab appetizer near SF in Sausalito! Was very curious about them and found your blog in my search! The radish was very thinly shaved, perhaps iced and curled a bit, a few slices gorgeously placed swirling around the dressed crab with avocado, pear, kumquat confit and citrus oil. Thought you'd enjoy!
Bon apetit from SF. Claire