Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Rocco brought back these insane Pocket Espresso things for everyone from Sicily. Lots of them. You'd think he would try them out first. We both thought they were chocolates filled with espresso. It turned out they were McDonald's style barbecue sauce containers filled with espresso and chocolate. And as Rocco demonstrates you punch a hole in it with a little straw and suck the "espresso" out. Its such a mala figura to even call this espresso.
Rocco's reaction went something like [sip, sip], "ugh, what the %*&$ is this?, eh," [sip, sip], "minchia, ugh, what? its like ... ," [sip, sip], "Ooh, Jen try this. Ugh. Disgustante!"
Not the best sell. I took a tiny sip. It tasted like coffee flavored hershey's syrup, before you mix it with milk. Bad. Very bad. Nothing close to even a horrible espresso. Very artificial. You would think Ferrero would do better than this. What Italian's drink this stuff anyway? Rocco did credit it by say when you are driving it would probably give you a "zing." I'll pass. Pocket Espresso: You fail!


LoneRifle said...

Were you actually looking for Pocket Coffee?

Anonymous said...

I know good espresso and, unlike you, I never expected to get Italian restaurant or bar quality espresso out of this product. What I did expect was a sweet espresso chocolaty treat and that's what I got. That said, it is a matter of opinion. You either like it or you don't.