Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Welcome Home, Friends!

   Greatest friends Erik and Carrie FINALLY moved into one of the amazing apartments in NYC. They had a really fun house warming, a vegan potluck. I was kidding with Erik because he was having a potluck but then putting major restrictions on it: vegan, no alcohol. But it didn't matter everything was so outstanding and it was a great time without the booze.
   Carrie is some baker. You would not even guess anything was vegan. I liked how they put out the dessert with the dinner. Nice touch. I ate like a pig and everything was so delicious.
   Erik made his famous Broccoli Salad which made an appearance at a potluck I had last holiday. Everyone was raving about it. Its so easy. Raw brocolli, veganaise, apple cider vinegar, red onions, red peppers, chopped pecans, sunflower seeds, and the secret ingredient, some good old sugar. Once you try this you will be hooked!
   I wanted to make something Erik and Carrie would love so I tried to recreate an amazing Rosemary Potato dish we had together. I roasted red potatoes in olive oil, vegan butter, salt, pepper and fresh rosemary. They were yum.
   Erik made a Shortcut Mango Guacamole Salsa. Add fresh guacamole to a jar of mango salsa and no one will know the difference.
   Carrie must have been baking away all night long. Look at these amazing almond and chocolate chip cookies. I had about eight of each.
   And peanut butter rice krispy treats topped with dark chocolate! I'm drooling.
The best was this unbelievable coconut lemon cake. It was so moist and fluffy. I brought some to Rocco and he scarfed it down, loving that it didn't have eggs in it. I think they got this recipe from Veganomicon Cook Book. 


Marta said...

Sounds like a fun and yummy party! I like when they have restrictions like these on potlucks, it draws everyone's creative juices out!

Chef Fresco said...

Yum! What a fun and delicious spread!

Erik Dalzen said...

The potatoes were awesome–first thing to go.