Monday, May 18, 2009


Midtown. Lunchtime. Grim. I'd walked by a place called The Kati Roll Company on 39th a few times but never tried it. The name and their signage were intriguing but nothing clued me in on what a Kati Roll is. Yesterday Erik and I took a "leap of faith" as he would put it and we were happy we did. At under $6, a Kati Roll is a very tasty bargain for a quick Manhattan lunch. I had imagined a Kati Roll to be Japanese, but its actually an Indian spicy filled paratha or flat bread that had the doughy consistency of a pancake. From their illustrated menu we ordered 3 Kati Rolls, an Aloo Masala which is spicy potatoes filled, an Unda Aloo Masala, spiced potatoes with eggs and an Achari Paneer, which is Indian cheese with pickled vegetables. 
The flavors were fresh, with hints of cilantro and the right amount of hot spice, but they were lacking in some type of sweet or spicy chutney sauce as a side. Asking for chutney for a Kati Roll may be like asking for grated cheese on seafood pasta, a major male figura, or no no. After all the spice, we were also craving some type of sweet dessert. Erik suggested some coconut rice pudding. I do respect how simple they run the operation. Its fast and efficient and I will definitely eat there again, next time trying the meat filled Kati Rolls. Plus, the bright orange interior and the giant Kung Fu Movie posters made me forget I was in Midtown for a minute. Other locations are Greenwich Village and London.


Erik Dalzen said...

Bellissimo! I should walk around with a Kati roll in my face all the time.

Rocco Galatioto said...

Nice article.
I must take issue with something I saw while I was perusing the ads.
I saw something made with 9 grains pasta. Gee..creepy at best. Pasta is pasta. No nine grains but one;
DURIUM WHEAT. The rest is a pathetic attempt at turning the healthiest cuisine in the world into some health nut food fanatic fad. Very lame at best.
Only in America.


Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to try this place off, but it fell off my radar. Thanks for putting the blip back in.